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The Intentional Mum

Sep 4, 2021

"The breath is the bridge between your body and your mind" 

Sophia is a coach, hypnobirthing and yoga teacher who empowers women to embrace calm - whether that's during pregnancy or in everyday life. She's a birth and life optimiser! 

In this episode we discuss everything from creating a positive birth experience to how you can use yoga and hypnobirthing to aid your parenting and your life well beyond pregnancy.

Even if you aren’t pregnant or planning to get pregnant there’s plenty of takeaways from this episode.

Mentioned in this episode: 

Sophia has created The Prenatal Snug - an online sanctuary for pregnant women to find reassurance and a whole load of wonderful resources for getting through pregnancy and preparing for birth and that includes weekly prenatal yoga.

You can also find Sophia at and on Instagram @the.prenatal.snug

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